Full Day Intensive

December 11th | 10am – 3pm


Part I: 10:00am – 12:00

Awakening the Bodies taught by Gisela Creus

In this intensive we will look at the set of bodies that bond and relate vibrating in constant motion. During the sessions Gisela will propose focused exercises to awaken the physical body, the curious body, the creative and expressive body. We will explore their interdependence and how we can use them to develop a more aware and empowered presence.

These movement sessions are a space to meet again. A space that seeks the reconnection of a global body, open, expansive, expressive, complete and available for constant change. A space where we can enter and risk discovering new limits and dimensions. A space where we can understand the immense possibilities and their presences in relation to the environment. We will use improvisations, explorations and also guided phrases so that the physical, mental, energetic and vital body can develop and listen to its own changing voice.


Lunch/ Snack Break: 12:00 – 12:30

Please bring food and drink.

Part II: 12:30 – 2:15pm

The Body’s Inherent Wisdom taught by Stephanie Turner

At its best, improvisation is about allowing the body to experience a moment of its own unfolding wisdom in real time and perhaps most importantly, it’s about sharing our imaginations.

In the second half, we will challenge the physical, curious and creative body through partnering and group exercises, increasing our capacity for play and simultaneously refining our physical dialogue. We will practice rhythm as language calling forth the body’s inherent musicality in service of developing a shared sense of logic. This logic is created from the moment, for the moment — it only has to make sense to the creators. It is through this process that we cooperatively create and establish rules, boundaries and risks non-verbally.

Part III: 2:15 – 3:00pm

Improvisational Score with Live Music by experimental musician, Will Farrell.


The intensive will be held at The Barn, located at 130 Jacob Street in Seekonk, MA. Just 10 minutes outside of Providence. The Barn is a beautiful studio with heated wood floors overlooking 25 acres of beautiful farmland. There is parking in the driveway right next to the dance space.


This Intensive is taught by Gisela Creus (right) contemporary dance choreographer and teacher currently based in Barcelona, Spain and Stephanie Turner (left) contact improvisation and contemporary choreographer and teacher based in Providence, RI


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